Fracture Clinic

Just got back from the Fracture clinic with a Black boot…..

Black Boot

which I’m kind of glad about., it means that I can take it off  for bed and showering etc….  My Fracture wasn’t a bad or complicated one and since it’s already been nearly a fortnight , the doctor after a bit of indecision went for the boot. … I should be able to weight bear since its the in effect the stabiliser thats bust , all should be well so long as I don’t overdo it… My X-Ray is looking through my ankle and showing  the lateral malleolus on the far side, it has a stepped section where it;s fractured horizontally.

fracture insert

I knew that I’d be bruised but I’m a little surprised just how far up my leg , over my shin and into the bottom of my calf it goes…

IMG_20150413_135224755 IMG_20150413_135231305toes.

even on my lower shin

even on my lower shin

My next appointment in 4 Weeks.

The Clinic itself  shows what Lack of Funding for the NHS  has achieved…It was  like Life on Mars, stuck in the 70’s,   No electronic notice board to call you into a consulting room, notes brought to tables by the consulting rooms, from where  the doctors pick up their next case… Information Governance would have a field day…  The Staff were however very friendly apart from one consultant who’s ‘bedside manner’  was appalling, there was a real air of apathy about him, hopefully he was just having a ‘Bad Day’ but he did insist on staying in the consulting room and try to call the next patient in whilst sitting at his desk, its a noisy environment so  9/10 times he had to stand at the door and shout anyway !