Family Tree and DNA
Ancestry have revised my DNA history

Towards the End of last year I had been in touch with a Second Cousin called Chris, He had informed me that our Haplogroup was R-M269 this seemed at odds with the result of I-Z58 that 23&Me furnished me, not the same at all ! My Previous post mentioned no skeletons.. I’d spoken too soon.
Since my Cuz had taken his Y-DNA test with FTDNA, I decided to do the Same and and chose to do Y-DNA37 test and just after the New Year my result came back as I-M253. Since I had DNA matches with distant cousins in Leicestershire and My Cuz only had them on paper he started to enquire of his sisters if they knew anything ?, they promptly sent him to coventry, Now I know its not my fault but it does make you feel guilty !
The Y-DNA result sparked an interest so I joined a Page surname Project on FTDNA which put me as a member of Hap’group I1 – “Family Group D” with Two other members, Both in the USA. It wasn’t long before I upgraded to the Y-DNA111 test and ordered an SNP Pack to try and narrow down my subclade a bit further, Definitely hooked now, I joined 2 more Project Groups, I1 yDNA Haplogroup for I-M253 and all subclades and the England GB Groups EIJ project both of these groups use tools to compare and add you into similar Hap’groups clusters both the England and GB EIJ and europe wide I1 group narrowed down my predicted downstream group further to i1 M253 DF29 Z63 BY151 BY351? Page Norfolk Suffolk Kent and I1-Z63+ BY151+ BY351+ BY3407+ Y10994+ Y21374+ Y21371+ (12-15-9-14) respecively very interestingas the Norfolk,Suffolk and Kent regions tie in with what my Cuz Chris has on the paper trail…
One of my Distant relatives from my Page project has also made contact with me and informed me the other member of our small family group has written a book, “The Page family of New London County, Connecticut and Chenango County, New York : Jeremiah Page and Mary “Polly” Eames/Ames and their descendants” I am trying to obtain a copy to try and tie in the trees . It was on Amazon but it seems is no longer available 🙁