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FamilyTreeDNA update
Dendrogram of the Pages project on familytreedna

The interesting Dendrogram tool provided by Robin Spencer on http://scaledinnovation.com/ shows that the Page surname is made up of several haplogroups, not surprising since we’d be servants to Royalty or Knights. It’s very interesting to see how families have branched off from one descendant, unfortunately I’m in the clutter at the begging of the I haplogroup with no clear Clade.

Zoomed in to show the I haplogroup of the Pages, i’m highlighted in red

I have refined my Y-DNA haplogroup to be I-Y10994 , which puts my ancestors in the East Anglia area about 2000 years ago !!
I wish that I could make the solid paper connection from the Pages of Leeds/Horsforth to the Warwickshire Pages and then back to Sussex that my cousin Chris has made but alas he has gone incognito on me 🙁
Since I haven’t yet got any clear goals in my mind regarding my own DNA testing, maybe persuading more Page Family members to take the test would be a goal since me and cousin Chris don’t match, see if we can identify where in the tree that anomaly happened… but If I wish to refine my own haplogroup even further I’d have to do the Big Y-700 test but i’ll leave it to coalesce for a while..

Update -March 2021

Well I persuaded another male 2nd cousin to do an Ancestry DNA test and the results came back and to my surprise they weren’t quite what was expected (again! ). All I can say is My Great Grandma Alice must have played the field….