Appalling Tarpaulin….

I bought what I hoped was a nice Tarpaulin from on e of the Amazon store suppliers.  After a proper rain test rather than my initial hosepipe dowsing test to shrink the tarp, I feel the need to report ….What a pile of poor quality junk !!!

It was intended to cover the patio for an upcoming home-brew club meeting and BBQ. I constructed a nice ridge  and placed raw bolt eyelets in the garden wall and House wall.

patio shelter

patio shelter

ideal to make it a nice event..

ideal to make it a nice event..

However whilst erecting it several of the eyelets moved or ripped the tarp. These photos taken just now in the rain in the real world soak test!

IMG_5485 IMG_5487 IMG_5486

There was also a flaw in manufacturing poorly concealed with wax……Certainly not the high quality tarp that  I used to help my father put up at those  Scout camps all those years ago…

poorly concealed fault

poorly concealed fault

the final straw was after it rained today…. the video below …It’s not fit for purpose,  it’s supposed to be waterproofed but as you can see it lets water through…..

Fracture Clinic

Just got back from the Fracture clinic with a Black boot…..

Black Boot

which I’m kind of glad about., it means that I can take it off  for bed and showering etc….  My Fracture wasn’t a bad or complicated one and since it’s already been nearly a fortnight , the doctor after a bit of indecision went for the boot. … I should be able to weight bear since its the in effect the stabiliser thats bust , all should be well so long as I don’t overdo it… My X-Ray is looking through my ankle and showing  the lateral malleolus on the far side, it has a stepped section where it;s fractured horizontally.

fracture insert

I knew that I’d be bruised but I’m a little surprised just how far up my leg , over my shin and into the bottom of my calf it goes…

IMG_20150413_135224755 IMG_20150413_135231305toes.

even on my lower shin

even on my lower shin

My next appointment in 4 Weeks.

The Clinic itself  shows what Lack of Funding for the NHS  has achieved…It was  like Life on Mars, stuck in the 70’s,   No electronic notice board to call you into a consulting room, notes brought to tables by the consulting rooms, from where  the doctors pick up their next case… Information Governance would have a field day…  The Staff were however very friendly apart from one consultant who’s ‘bedside manner’  was appalling, there was a real air of apathy about him, hopefully he was just having a ‘Bad Day’ but he did insist on staying in the consulting room and try to call the next patient in whilst sitting at his desk, its a noisy environment so  9/10 times he had to stand at the door and shout anyway !

A Cracking Easter




This was the 3rd outing to the Billings in recent weeks  TeamMX’s  Play Off Final is up there, the feeder cache was recently replaced with a nice new plastic type one only for the Farmer a week later to replace the whole fence . TeamMx were kind enough to give me the Finals Co-ordinates, which after a nice but filling Chinese take away on thursday evening I decided that I needed to walk it off… It was a fantastic dusk walk to find the final, I met some young cows , I think they were yearlings so I cant call them Calves.. heifers…very inquisitive …..always got to be on your guard when they decide to follow you….cracking time


It was a great walk up until that orange circle on the map. thats the moment I Stepped off the stile and onto a wobbly Stone. I heard the crack said  the obligatory profanities but not having broken anything before  thought it was just ligaments, I could still stand on it just.. and being quite close to home decided not to take off my boot  and investigate but tighten it up and hobble home..


Once Home on went the bag of frozen peas and a discussion about Casualty to get it checked out, none of us felt we could bear a trip to the L.G.I . it might have to wait till morning, then Ping, Otley’s Wharfedale Hospital, it still has a Minor Injuries unit and it didn’t close till 23:00,  so off we set . …Very quiet we didn’t have to wait long, only one person in front of us who also hobbled into the assessment room. The nurse  Mr Brewer (who doesn’t brew but has an orchard and makes Cider …) gently prodded and poked at it and didn’t get too much of a reaction until he prodded round the back of my ankle near the achilles ….so he thought it was possibly just soft tissue damage (which I hoped it was) but sent me down for an  X-Ray to make sure… No such luck. it was broken so on went a backsplint until the Fracture clinic opens after easter….


That Easter Geocaching circular walk will have to wait…


#Geocaching walk & Labyrinthitis

The last two weeks has seen a slow build up in symptoms of Labyrinthitis, I have had it before, late last year. Friday.. I think I gave my workmates a bit of a scare followed by the opportunity for a bit of light hearted derision . I had a full blown vertigo episode which left me on my back on the floor of our office….One of my workmates was quick off the mark and spotify was soon playing Dizzy….. Luckily for me our eldest Son was home so he could drive over with my wife  Mary  and retrieve both me and my car..

After a day of inactivity yesterday, Today I have tried a bit of therapy (google is your friend) a bit of walking with nice distant views to try and stabilise and retrain my senses.  Mixed results , I was relatively fine in the open but some of the local ginnels (alley or in York, called  Snickleways)  with relatively confined sides left me a little frayed around the edges and once more feeling nauseous , as does typing this post….wanted to say something on the Geocaches but …time to call it quits….

Geocaching walk

Idiotic Driver one for West Yorkshire Police

What a complete idiot…

The dashcam caught  this driver of this works Van for Panache Exquisite Renovations going through Arthington , late for his own funeral or worse still could have caused someone else’s !!!

higher res file

Leeds City Council & Google Mapping

Google Maps….. I noticed several inaccuracies on the google map of our area and in the process of correcting them went off on a tangent wondering who was responsible for the maintenance of lowerable bollard  at the junction of Rockville Terrace and Harper Lane, as it now will not stay locked in its upright position and I have seen several unknown cars trying to use our ‘back street ‘as a cut through….It led me to a pdf of a page from  The London Gazette, 7th of June 1995..

Here’s the extract.

LEEDS CITY COUNCILLeedsCityCouncilTraffic Regulation(No.4)Order1994.
Harper Lane/Rockville Terrace Point Closure
Notice is hereby given that Leeds City Council has made the above- named Order dated 2nd June 1995, under the powers contained in the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, which comes into operation on 8th June 1995, the effect of which is not to permit any vehicle to enter or leave Rockville Terrace, Yeadon, at its junction with Harper Lane, except for persons living at numbers 1-9 Rockville Terrace (inclusive) and 1-4 Joffre Mount (inclusive) for access purposes only provided such persons have been allocated a key to enable them to lower and raise the bollard erected thereon.
A copy of the Order together with a map showing the affected roads may be examined during normal office hours at the Information Centre, Civic Hall, Leeds, or at the Reception Desk of Leeds Highways and Transportation, Traffic Division, 19 Wellington Street, Leeds. If you wish to question the validity of any Order or any provision contained therein on the grounds that it is not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or on the grounds that any requirements of the Act, or any Instrument made under it has not been complied with in relation to the Order, you may within 6 weeks from the date upon which the Order was made, apply to the High Court for this purpose.
P. Rogerson. Director of Legal Services Civic Hall, Leeds LS1 1UR.
6th June 1995.

Well well … I feel an email to Leeds City Councils Highways Dept. in the offing…

Studley Park #Geocaching

Mary and I had planned to do a local Geocaching loop over the weekend, an attempt to lose some of the excess blubber we are both carrying…! An out of the Blue text message from good friends asking if we wanted to meet up and have a walk and then a pub lunch fitted in perfectly. So We all four arranged to meet at Studley Deer Park and Fountains Abbey centre just outside Ripon and have a walk around and find some of those Geocaches.. 9/10 were found the unfound one falling victim to Hungry Hunters syndrome and the lure of a pint or two of Ale in one of Ripons’ ale houses… as you can see it was quite a leisurely day,  the caches seemed to have one thing in common , they were all hidden in or very close to fallen or felled trees. There seemed to be a lot of Dead trees on the estate and more charred innards of trees than I have previously seen, It this a Lightning hotspot ? We also did’t see a single deer 🙁


Route of the Day

The Week that Was

What a busy and some what sad week….


Madge our 18 year old Cat went to the big cattery in the sky in the early hours on Thursday, I Keep opening the door to kitchen expecting her to greet me 🙁

Friday the car w as booked in for the annual MOT . So I did a little geocaching on local caches around the Tarn before I dropped it off and then did a 5.7 mile walk from the garage to the Golden Postbox in Horsforth. GOLD!!! Alistair Brownlee

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 23.31.15

Here is my route

I came across the 1st cache of the day out in the open but otherwise undamaged..

Out in the open

Out in the open

I had a nice walk along the Canal found an excellent idea of completing a jigsaw to get the next set of co ordinates, Unfortunately my GPS just wouldn’t settle and I couldn’t find part 2… At Budda’s Cave near Horsforth I had to tiptoe past the gruesome remains  of what looked like a Fox to get the cache…

Saturday socialising at Angelica Crafthouse restaurant in Leeds, expensive but Excellent food and service.

Sunday evening I had tickets to see Black Star Riders (Thin Lizzy)  met up with a couple of old mates had a few drinks and then into the Gig, what  an ace night.

Black Star Riders

Black Star Riders



I’ve been a bit more active on the Geocaching front,  Although not without incident..

August saw me caching in the Lakes which I really enjoyed and a couple of nice local circular walks by Pinkeypurple but due to me stepping into a bracken covered 10″ deep hole which left me in agony and off work for 2 weeks with excruciatingly painful Sciatica,  floating in the day on Codine and attempting to get sleep on a night with Amitriptyline, …. that put me out of action for most of September bar one or two exploratory  short walks.

Path at Lindley Reservoir

Path at Lindley Reservoir 9 Nov 2014

I have been trialling a MOTO G for Geocaching it’s shower proof and I can load Memory-Maps  OGB maps onto it, which I find essential for caching in the UK , the screen isn’t too bad outdoors, a lot better than my expensive MOTO-X ‘s AMOLED screen, I was a little dis appointed with its performance under tree cover whilst looking for Goldilocks Cottage which saw me bouncing around a 40ft bit of woodland and it wasn’t until I got out the Garmin GPSMAP62s that I found it. I do want to persevere with the combination but now with the addition of a Garmin GLO, lets see how that behaves on my next outing.


MOTO G with GLO and Memory-Maps

I have a confession too   back in 2011 I took Mini Coopers’s Dawn of the Faeries Geocoin from a local cache and I lost it   I took it to NewYork With me intending to put it in a cache over there  I don’t recall leaving it but then I didn’t have it when I looked for it shortly after I got back… The owner recently got in touch and I’ve had to fess up  ! I even searched through those ‘Man Drawers’ , where the wife puts things away after I leave them laying around for too long just in case …. but no it wasn’t there it was more in hope that the House Elf had put it back after you’ve already looked for it……..

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