Studley Park #Geocaching

Mary and I had planned to do a local Geocaching loop over the weekend, an attempt to lose some of the excess blubber we are both carrying…! An out of the Blue text message from good friends asking if we wanted to meet up and have a walk and then a pub lunch fitted in perfectly. So We all four arranged to meet at Studley Deer Park and Fountains Abbey centre just outside Ripon and have a walk around and find some of those Geocaches.. 9/10 were found the unfound one falling victim to Hungry Hunters syndrome and the lure of a pint or two of Ale in one of Ripons’ ale houses… as you can see it was quite a leisurely day,  the caches seemed to have one thing in common , they were all hidden in or very close to fallen or felled trees. There seemed to be a lot of Dead trees on the estate and more charred innards of trees than I have previously seen, It this a Lightning hotspot ? We also did’t see a single deer 🙁


Route of the Day