more on my repair from @MotorolaSupport

Motorola aren’t my favourite company at the moment..

My Moto X 2014 went away for a screen replacement and for some reason the preferred authorised repair centre was in Germany, the repair took a couple of days short of a calendar month…. quite a long time …nay a very long time…and cost just over €200… as compensation for the time taken I was offered a £10 play store voucher which felt a little bit like a slap with a wet fish…

I’ve had my phone back for a short time and it’s now got a very annoying sound of stuck surfaces becoming stuck/ unstuck as you handle it. It’s also got a crease in the Leather back which I thought was just from the inflatable lilo style protected packaging , I thought the leather would recover but… you guessed it hasn’t.. and a more detailed look you can see where the press footprint is on the leather, so I’m surmising it could be  crush damage to the superstructure of the back panel from the press…. or some ‘misplaced’ double sided tape ….

Photo on 01-09-2015 at 12.32 #3

Red circle sounds of sticky tape parting, the  green circle the crease

Photo on 01-09-2015 at 12.32

Crease , could be a crush injury from the press used to put the back cover on… or a piece of errant  double sided tape