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#Geocaching walk & Labyrinthitis

The last two weeks has seen a slow build up in symptoms of Labyrinthitis, I have had it before, late last year. Friday.. I think I gave my workmates a bit of a scare followed by the opportunity for a bit of light hearted derision . I had a full blown vertigo episode which left me on my back on the floor of our office….One of my workmates was quick off the mark and spotify was soon playing Dizzy….. Luckily for me our eldest Son was home so he could drive over with my wife  Mary  and retrieve both me and my car..

After a day of inactivity yesterday, Today I have tried a bit of therapy (google is your friend) a bit of walking with nice distant views to try and stabilise and retrain my senses.  Mixed results , I was relatively fine in the open but some of the local ginnels (alley or in York, called  Snickleways)  with relatively confined sides left me a little frayed around the edges and once more feeling nauseous , as does typing this post….wanted to say something on the Geocaches but …time to call it quits….

Geocaching walk

Studley Park #Geocaching

Mary and I had planned to do a local Geocaching loop over the weekend, an attempt to lose some of the excess blubber we are both carrying…! An out of the Blue text message from good friends asking if we wanted to meet up and have a walk and then a pub lunch fitted in perfectly. So We all four arranged to meet at Studley Deer Park and Fountains Abbey centre just outside Ripon and have a walk around and find some of those Geocaches.. 9/10 were found the unfound one falling victim to Hungry Hunters syndrome and the lure of a pint or two of Ale in one of Ripons’ ale houses… as you can see it was quite a leisurely day,  the caches seemed to have one thing in common , they were all hidden in or very close to fallen or felled trees. There seemed to be a lot of Dead trees on the estate and more charred innards of trees than I have previously seen, It this a Lightning hotspot ? We also did’t see a single deer 🙁


Route of the Day

The Week that Was

What a busy and some what sad week….


Madge our 18 year old Cat went to the big cattery in the sky in the early hours on Thursday, I Keep opening the door to kitchen expecting her to greet me 🙁

Friday the car w as booked in for the annual MOT . So I did a little geocaching on local caches around the Tarn before I dropped it off and then did a 5.7 mile walk from the garage to the Golden Postbox in Horsforth. GOLD!!! Alistair Brownlee

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 23.31.15

Here is my route

I came across the 1st cache of the day out in the open but otherwise undamaged..

Out in the open

Out in the open

I had a nice walk along the Canal found an excellent idea of completing a jigsaw to get the next set of co ordinates, Unfortunately my GPS just wouldn’t settle and I couldn’t find part 2… At Budda’s Cave near Horsforth I had to tiptoe past the gruesome remains  of what looked like a Fox to get the cache…

Saturday socialising at Angelica Crafthouse restaurant in Leeds, expensive but Excellent food and service.

Sunday evening I had tickets to see Black Star Riders (Thin Lizzy)  met up with a couple of old mates had a few drinks and then into the Gig, what  an ace night.

Black Star Riders

Black Star Riders



I’ve been a bit more active on the Geocaching front,  Although not without incident..

August saw me caching in the Lakes which I really enjoyed and a couple of nice local circular walks by Pinkeypurple but due to me stepping into a bracken covered 10″ deep hole which left me in agony and off work for 2 weeks with excruciatingly painful Sciatica,  floating in the day on Codine and attempting to get sleep on a night with Amitriptyline, …. that put me out of action for most of September bar one or two exploratory  short walks.

Path at Lindley Reservoir

Path at Lindley Reservoir 9 Nov 2014

I have been trialling a MOTO G for Geocaching it’s shower proof and I can load Memory-Maps  OGB maps onto it, which I find essential for caching in the UK , the screen isn’t too bad outdoors, a lot better than my expensive MOTO-X ‘s AMOLED screen, I was a little dis appointed with its performance under tree cover whilst looking for Goldilocks Cottage which saw me bouncing around a 40ft bit of woodland and it wasn’t until I got out the Garmin GPSMAP62s that I found it. I do want to persevere with the combination but now with the addition of a Garmin GLO, lets see how that behaves on my next outing.


MOTO G with GLO and Memory-Maps

I have a confession too   back in 2011 I took Mini Coopers’s Dawn of the Faeries Geocoin from a local cache and I lost it   I took it to NewYork With me intending to put it in a cache over there  I don’t recall leaving it but then I didn’t have it when I looked for it shortly after I got back… The owner recently got in touch and I’ve had to fess up  ! I even searched through those ‘Man Drawers’ , where the wife puts things away after I leave them laying around for too long just in case …. but no it wasn’t there it was more in hope that the House Elf had put it back after you’ve already looked for it……..

Geocaching keep fit

After checking my geocache ‘Chirpy Chirpy TweetTweet in Spring Wood’ . I came to the conclusion that I really need to get active! My current weight loss regime can only go so far ! I enjoyed the geocaching activity over the weekend, and yesterday on another post lunch exercise geocaching walk even climbed a tree! I shouldn’t have had to climb that high but that’s because the owners co-ordinates were out by 130ft. Do placers not know how to take an average reading these days?


Chirpy Chirpy Tweet Tweet maintenance

I’d promised to do maintenance  to my Geocache Chirpy Chirpy Tweet Tweet in SpringWood early in the month so this morning i set off with new battery in pocket 

Drove to the parking spot and set off down the Steep path followed by a couple walking their Dogs. I managed to leave them behind and went to find the Chirp 10-15 minutes later whilst i was hanging out on a Limb trying to replace the chirp I was aware the were watching me and so I had to explain what Geocaching was all about…

Once the Chirp was checked and co-ordinates chirped to my Garmin successfully of I set to check part two.  This was in excellent condition apart from some slight gnawing by squirrels

I decided to do a couple of local caches didn’t find one but then realised it had been disabled when I checked the details on my iPhone rather than on the Garmin 62S on the way to the second I slipped and fell down a hill and in the process lost my Pen somewhere  so couldn’t sign the log but posted a photo instead !

heres details of the route from the parking spot

maintenance Chirpy Chirpy


This short excursion around the woods brought me back home Red faced, nettle stung and realising just how unfit I am !

Irritation #Geocaching

Geocaching in Florida Feb 2012

A recent email from one of the local Geocachers ‘Eeeee Bi Gum’ about concerns that I was Archiving my caches, has led me to some irritation. Not about he emailed me asking if my remaining caches could be adopted rather than archived but he mentioned the discussion and concerns on the Yorkshire Geocaching Forums. A quick search on the Yorkshire Geocaching website turned up nothing ! Strange I thought until I noticed mentions of updating profiles, I took a guess and looked on the Bane of my life, that Creeping Cancer that is Facebook. Sure enough the discussion that was mentioned by Eeeee Bi Gum was there. This is my Irritation… Certain People were already in the Process if divvying up my caches in PUBLIC before they had ascertained in private what was actually going on !
The image of Vultures Circling a wounded animal and having a go at it when its not dead sprang to mind Hell Boy
I had decided to archive both my York based Caches and any Micros that I have. I gave grown increasingly Disillusioned by the numbers of nano caches over the years that seem to have descended on the scene like a snow storm, placed without much thought and in some instances dangerous locations. Or scattered about the countryside under every Stile to make up a circular walk rather than making it a  true Multi. Too many people are too obsessed by Numbers…

I have also come to the conclusion that older caches should be allowed to be archived and not kept on for eternity..
At some point People visiting caches will start to have an effect on the local environment, quite often leading to a noticeable path leading to the geocache, at this point Geocachers stop searching and just follow the path.

A less active cacher like myself who has other hobbies like Brewing Beer should be able to archive their older caches and let other/newer cachers be creative with some of the better locations providing they don’t re hide in the same location and perpetuate the effect that an old cache has on it’s local environment !
People seem to forget or overlook the following.

Step 5 – Maintaining Your cache
Once you place the cache, it is your responsibility to maintain the cache and the area around it. You will need to return as often as you can to ensure that your cache is not impacting the area negatively, and to check that the container is in good shape.

Does the area look disturbed? Are visitors disrupting the landscape in any way? If you eventually have concerns about the location, remove the container and make appropriate changes to your online listing.