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more on my repair from @MotorolaSupport

Motorola aren’t my favourite company at the moment..

My Moto X 2014 went away for a screen replacement and for some reason the preferred authorised repair centre was in Germany, the repair took a couple of days short of a calendar month…. quite a long time …nay a very long time…and cost just over €200… as compensation for the time taken I was offered a £10 play store voucher which felt a little bit like a slap with a wet fish…

I’ve had my phone back for a short time and it’s now got a very annoying sound of stuck surfaces becoming stuck/ unstuck as you handle it. It’s also got a crease in the Leather back which I thought was just from the inflatable lilo style protected packaging , I thought the leather would recover but… you guessed it hasn’t.. and a more detailed look you can see where the press footprint is on the leather, so I’m surmising it could be  crush damage to the superstructure of the back panel from the press…. or some ‘misplaced’ double sided tape ….

Photo on 01-09-2015 at 12.32 #3

Red circle sounds of sticky tape parting, the  green circle the crease

Photo on 01-09-2015 at 12.32

Crease , could be a crush injury from the press used to put the back cover on… or a piece of errant  double sided tape


Attempted Hacking …

I became aware of strange happenings on my Purpleogre Brewing Blog just after I moved my Page28 domain  registration from one registrar to another. I got some 403 errors, It turned out I had been Hacked !
Parts of My Beer blog were being diverted. After I raised a support Ticket I also noticed a folder that shouldn’t have been there…
Trawling through the backups it appeared between the 2nd and 3rd of August, just a day before an SQL injection bug was patched by WordPress !
I had Limit logon attempts set and simple History plugin installed but TSOHOST support suggested Wordfence. so I have given it a go….
Very enlightening !!!
It made me aware of a slide show plugin vulnerability and after I’d removed the plugin several attempts from IP’s in the Ukrane to expoit it…
and just the sheer number of scrapers trying out those now non existant links !
it also showed me how many login attempts were being made on my admin account…and where from….there’s certainly a pattern…for probes on both my sites..
Last night Just as I was about to turn in for the night, I got an email alerting me of one such attempt,
now it could be just a coincidence but it came on the same day I blocked a subnet for a french scraper who was top hitter for 404’s, It was coming from the outskirts of Paris…

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 00.41.43


Why are the after my sites ? I’ll never know ! Since they attacked my Beer Blog first do they have something against Beer ? or was it just easier because of the slideshow vulnerability.?

Do I have to start Blocking Whole Countries ????
Questions…. Questions…..!!

#Geocaching walk & Labyrinthitis

The last two weeks has seen a slow build up in symptoms of Labyrinthitis, I have had it before, late last year. Friday.. I think I gave my workmates a bit of a scare followed by the opportunity for a bit of light hearted derision . I had a full blown vertigo episode which left me on my back on the floor of our office….One of my workmates was quick off the mark and spotify was soon playing Dizzy….. Luckily for me our eldest Son was home so he could drive over with my wife  Mary  and retrieve both me and my car..

After a day of inactivity yesterday, Today I have tried a bit of therapy (google is your friend) a bit of walking with nice distant views to try and stabilise and retrain my senses.  Mixed results , I was relatively fine in the open but some of the local ginnels (alley or in York, called  Snickleways)  with relatively confined sides left me a little frayed around the edges and once more feeling nauseous , as does typing this post….wanted to say something on the Geocaches but …time to call it quits….

Geocaching walk

The Week that Was

What a busy and some what sad week….


Madge our 18 year old Cat went to the big cattery in the sky in the early hours on Thursday, I Keep opening the door to kitchen expecting her to greet me 🙁

Friday the car w as booked in for the annual MOT . So I did a little geocaching on local caches around the Tarn before I dropped it off and then did a 5.7 mile walk from the garage to the Golden Postbox in Horsforth. GOLD!!! Alistair Brownlee

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 23.31.15

Here is my route

I came across the 1st cache of the day out in the open but otherwise undamaged..

Out in the open

Out in the open

I had a nice walk along the Canal found an excellent idea of completing a jigsaw to get the next set of co ordinates, Unfortunately my GPS just wouldn’t settle and I couldn’t find part 2… At Budda’s Cave near Horsforth I had to tiptoe past the gruesome remains  of what looked like a Fox to get the cache…

Saturday socialising at Angelica Crafthouse restaurant in Leeds, expensive but Excellent food and service.

Sunday evening I had tickets to see Black Star Riders (Thin Lizzy)  met up with a couple of old mates had a few drinks and then into the Gig, what  an ace night.

Black Star Riders

Black Star Riders


Leeds Needs These

The post says it all

Leeds needs a tram service like this in Manchester, not the STUPID guided Bus…