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Tis  Me Richard Page


Born in the 60’s, I am Working at The University of York, Now for over 25 years. Hobbies…Well just lately  a big interest of mine, brewing in my shed !
( see PurpleOgre’s Blog for my brewing antics )


For a number of years I have been an active Geocacher aka Page28. But with my main geocaching partner, Edward growing up and off at University and now living and working in Manchester, this has Slowed although I am trying to use it to keep fit although  IMHO  there are too many ill thought out micro’s clouding the really good caches…

My other hobbies and interests include listening to Rock on  Valve powered audio 

Darkvoice 336se

Darkvoice 336se

Little Dot MK IV

Little Dot MK IV

Weekends see's me grinding Beans for a fresh Coffee

Weekends see’s me grinding Beans for a fresh Coffee



freshly Ground coffee and things internet connected. Not forgetting as I mentioned earlier Brewing  Beer  and Drinking Beer, both my own and from others  



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