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Disappointed by @MotorolaSupport repair time and UK support mechanisms

I was unlucky/ clumsy whilst getting out of the car and lost my grip on my Moto  X 2014 . It landed face down and shattered the screen ….that was the 17th of July, the next day I  went online and chatted to a Motorola support agent about the price for getting a screen repair done, I was given a rough price but since it was a chargeable repair wanted to mull it over for the weekend. I was asked to reply  by email if I wished to get it repaired  so after mulling it over  I did …that was on the 21st of July.

On the 22nd I received an email with a link to print off a DHL prepaid label I duly printed it off, It was to be sent within the next 5 Days !

Instead of collecting from my home, I wanted it picked up at work. This is where I think things  started to go awry ! Motorola support wanted me to let them know I had received the labels, I emailed them to ask if I could get it picked up from my place of work and in doing so I expected them to know that I had received the label. !!

On the 23rd I got an un helpful reply stating that I would have to contact DHL myself but I packaged my shattered phone up affixed the labels and was contemplating if I had time to detour to the DHL drop off point in Leeds on my way home that evening, unfortunately I didn’t so resolved I’d do it the next day…

Luckily on the 23rd   I got a call from DHL and arranged it could be picked up form my place of work on the 24th. Fantastic ! all went smoothly DHL picked it up and I tracked my shattered phones progress towards the European repair centre.

DHL progress

DHL progress

Monday 27th , I received an email from Motorola support

“We have not heard from you concerning your request for support in the 72 hours since we sent you a response. Consequently, we have changed the status of your question to Solved”

My immediate response was to fire a reply back informing them  DHL had picked my phone up on Friday the 24th., but I was thinking why did they not know that already..

Tuesday 28th  a reply  saying ‘thank you’ and once the phone has been received and analysed at our repair centre a quotation will be raised but…. surely it was there already

I’ve had Apple devices repaired in the past and expected a stream of updates  from Motorola but didn’t hear a squeak, so on the 31st I sent a tentative email enquiry asking what the normal timespan was between receiving the phone at the repair facility was and them producing a quote…

That same day I received a reply via email  but was astounded to hear that the quote would be sent by Post but I could speed things up by going online to their repair facility


At some point on the 1st of August the status changed on the repairers website  and radio buttons appeared with 3 options.
1). Accept the quote and pay the Euro’s
2). don’t accept the quote and pay the inspection  fee
3). Dispose of your phone and they’ll waive the fee…

Alarm bells started ringing when I selected the accept the quote  radio button but the drop down payment list was empty !
I couldn’t proceed with payment …!
Was this just a Safari foible ?
I opened it up in Chrome still the Same !
So I fired up a windows VM and tried Explorer…
same result…. oh no … have I been had ? is this a scam… ? thats what went through my mind..

radiobutton no payment options

Radio buttons with no payment options available

Sunday 2nd Aug….  I fired off an email to Motorola support stating that I was having problems with the repair website and couldn’t proceed.

Monday the 3rd.. a reply from support with a pdf attachment instructing how to pay using Paypal … Alarm bells definitely ringing now.. what sort of Micky mouse company am I dealing with,…..??  but… I use Paypal and pay and inform Support that I have done so.





Wednesday the 5th Motorola support confirm that DAT have received payment.

I have checked every day since…… no change………

It is now Tuesday the 11th  and I am very disillusioned with Motorola’s Repair service


Wednesday 12th … I have just received the quotation sent out by post …
It asks..‘Please let us have your decision by 11.08.15 at the latest.
and the only payment options listed are Bank Transfer and Paypal..

I am left wondering why I’ve had to send my phone to Germany for repair, where is the UK offering ?
and Why is Motorola, a technology Company supposedly at the fore front of electronic communications using a repair company who sends out quotes via snail mail (post) and only uses Paypal or Bank transfer to pay for their services…?

****update – 2 ****

I checked again last night and then again this morning , my phone should be on its way back to me.