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Fracture Clinic

Just got back from the Fracture clinic with a Black boot…..

Black Boot

which I’m kind of glad about., it means that I can take it off  for bed and showering etc….  My Fracture wasn’t a bad or complicated one and since it’s already been nearly a fortnight , the doctor after a bit of indecision went for the boot. … I should be able to weight bear since its the in effect the stabiliser thats bust , all should be well so long as I don’t overdo it… My X-Ray is looking through my ankle and showing  the lateral malleolus on the far side, it has a stepped section where it;s fractured horizontally.

fracture insert

I knew that I’d be bruised but I’m a little surprised just how far up my leg , over my shin and into the bottom of my calf it goes…

IMG_20150413_135224755 IMG_20150413_135231305toes.

even on my lower shin

even on my lower shin

My next appointment in 4 Weeks.

The Clinic itself  shows what Lack of Funding for the NHS  has achieved…It was  like Life on Mars, stuck in the 70’s,   No electronic notice board to call you into a consulting room, notes brought to tables by the consulting rooms, from where  the doctors pick up their next case… Information Governance would have a field day…  The Staff were however very friendly apart from one consultant who’s ‘bedside manner’  was appalling, there was a real air of apathy about him, hopefully he was just having a ‘Bad Day’ but he did insist on staying in the consulting room and try to call the next patient in whilst sitting at his desk, its a noisy environment so  9/10 times he had to stand at the door and shout anyway !

A Cracking Easter




This was the 3rd outing to the Billings in recent weeks  TeamMX’s  Play Off Final is up there, the feeder cache was recently replaced with a nice new plastic type one only for the Farmer a week later to replace the whole fence . TeamMx were kind enough to give me the Finals Co-ordinates, which after a nice but filling Chinese take away on thursday evening I decided that I needed to walk it off… It was a fantastic dusk walk to find the final, I met some young cows , I think they were yearlings so I cant call them Calves.. heifers…very inquisitive …..always got to be on your guard when they decide to follow you….cracking time


It was a great walk up until that orange circle on the map. thats the moment I Stepped off the stile and onto a wobbly Stone. I heard the crack said  the obligatory profanities but not having broken anything before  thought it was just ligaments, I could still stand on it just.. and being quite close to home decided not to take off my boot  and investigate but tighten it up and hobble home..


Once Home on went the bag of frozen peas and a discussion about Casualty to get it checked out, none of us felt we could bear a trip to the L.G.I . it might have to wait till morning, then Ping, Otley’s Wharfedale Hospital, it still has a Minor Injuries unit and it didn’t close till 23:00,  so off we set . …Very quiet we didn’t have to wait long, only one person in front of us who also hobbled into the assessment room. The nurse  Mr Brewer (who doesn’t brew but has an orchard and makes Cider …) gently prodded and poked at it and didn’t get too much of a reaction until he prodded round the back of my ankle near the achilles ….so he thought it was possibly just soft tissue damage (which I hoped it was) but sent me down for an  X-Ray to make sure… No such luck. it was broken so on went a backsplint until the Fracture clinic opens after easter….


That Easter Geocaching circular walk will have to wait…