Monthly Archives: November 2014

I’ve been a bit more active on the Geocaching front,  Although not without incident..

August saw me caching in the Lakes which I really enjoyed and a couple of nice local circular walks by Pinkeypurple but due to me stepping into a bracken covered 10″ deep hole which left me in agony and off work for 2 weeks with excruciatingly painful Sciatica,  floating in the day on Codine and attempting to get sleep on a night with Amitriptyline, …. that put me out of action for most of September bar one or two exploratory  short walks.

Path at Lindley Reservoir

Path at Lindley Reservoir 9 Nov 2014

I have been trialling a MOTO G for Geocaching it’s shower proof and I can load Memory-Maps  OGB maps onto it, which I find essential for caching in the UK , the screen isn’t too bad outdoors, a lot better than my expensive MOTO-X ‘s AMOLED screen, I was a little dis appointed with its performance under tree cover whilst looking for Goldilocks Cottage which saw me bouncing around a 40ft bit of woodland and it wasn’t until I got out the Garmin GPSMAP62s that I found it. I do want to persevere with the combination but now with the addition of a Garmin GLO, lets see how that behaves on my next outing.


MOTO G with GLO and Memory-Maps

I have a confession too   back in 2011 I took Mini Coopers’s Dawn of the Faeries Geocoin from a local cache and I lost it   I took it to NewYork With me intending to put it in a cache over there  I don’t recall leaving it but then I didn’t have it when I looked for it shortly after I got back… The owner recently got in touch and I’ve had to fess up  ! I even searched through those ‘Man Drawers’ , where the wife puts things away after I leave them laying around for too long just in case …. but no it wasn’t there it was more in hope that the House Elf had put it back after you’ve already looked for it……..