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John Broskie’s Octal Aikido

I got that All in One Aikido Stereo Octal PCB out of that dusty box it had been sitting in, in the Cellar ever since my father became ill and then died in 2012.
I had it 95% complete ( the board not the case to put it in) I just had to make it into a headphone Amp. I found a few notes but was missing the all important manual, one note had part of a circuit  and R22 with a question mark next to it after a quick google search I came upon a post in a forum, it was from me asking about the schematic as it wasn’t correctly shown in the booklet ! After delving through past emails I had sent one To John himself, I sent a quick hopeful email as the links to the pdf versions of the manuals on his site were no longer valid.
A week later and after reading on the tube cad site that John had been out of action with a nasty stomach bug in came a reply from John with not one but two attached PDF’s Smile for an LSA\HPA stereo octal PCB and a REV. B All in One Aikido Stereo Octal PCB Unfortunately my board is a REV. A but working from this info, my DVM and MK I eyeball and from a pdf for the Aikido mono Octal Rev.C that I found on one of my old memory sticks I realised with some extra resistors I could make it into a HPA based on the Mono board, the changes are shown in orange in the cct diagram below…

IMG_4721 IMG_4720


the Circuit as the DVM and MK I eyeball see it

Scan 3

Valve Amps

Valve amps have resurfaced in my thoughts again !

That Octal Aikido Valve amp PCB by John Broskie that I came across via his Tube Cad Journal and  purchased from his outlet Glass Ware , that 95% completed PCB that’s been sat on the shelf since my Father died, I really aught to get it finished !.. 
My only wish is that the all in one board that  I bought could do White cathode follower. I wanted it to be another Headphone amp but John didn’t have stock of the correct PCB in stock…  I may look at cutting the pcb tracks and adding the required resistor  .

I’ve not fallen out of love with my LitteDot MKIV  and its tube rolling capabilities , its just  I aught to finish that project…

IMG_2391 IMG_2397