Monthly Archives: June 2013
Dash Cam update II

After being very dangerously under took lastweek by a white Van man driving a white Ford Transit Reg. YH10 CCV and actually being cut up by a Police car (who Did actually put his hand up to say Sorry !), this spurred me on to get a new Dash Cam Sorted
To that end …..

Winycam V300HD



When It arrives I’ll post some footage Ha Ha

Dash Cam Update

F900LHD VG11

Well this arrived and well what can I say  Hell Boy you get what you pay for, it was trash. Extremely poor video quality, the camera was supposed to have a HDMI output, It didn’t !

 Spot whats Missing….

After I contacted the company , through Amazon and sent the above picture they said we sent wrong item other one out of stock – yeah right….

But I did get a refund Big Boss


Just thought I’d snap this whilst the BBQ warmsup