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More on Dash Cams

After an evening trawling the web and looking at several forums, my longterm goal will be to get a DOD LS300W Super High Definition Car DVR but they are approx £160 from the UK supplier


dod tech LS300W


But in the short term just to try things out, I’ve gone for something cheaper Oh Really?

A lot cheaper, £29 Oops it’s reported to be a fake but what the hell, I’m gonna give it a go a

F900LHD VG11

russian fake DOD F900LHD VG11

Dash Cams

I’m seriously considering a dash cam purchase !

the shear number of Idiots and near misses that I have seen this last month or two make me feel like  posting a few !

So Stand bye  my search has started !

I like th elook of this one for the price ….

a dash cam

Leeds Needs These

The post says it all

Leeds needs a tram service like this in Manchester, not the STUPID guided Bus…